Master an Ollie

Step 1 – Adjust your feet to the appropriate position. Place your front foot close to the middle of your board, a few inches from the bolts. Place your back foot on the tail.

Step 2 – Bend your legs and crouch down so you’re in a position to launch yourself up.

Step 3 – Kick your back foot down (aka popping) when you jump off the board. Bring you front foot forward upward on your grip tape. This will cause your tail to hit the ground, and pop the board up into the air.

Step 4 – Fold your knees into your chest, and pick up your back foot to keep your board even at a good height.

Step 5 – Once you are leveled out in the air, straighten your legs to the ground as you drop. Extending your legs will help absorb the shock.

Step 6 – Come down softly with both feet on the board. You should land with all 4 wheels simultaneously, with both feet over the bolts.

Voila! Pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

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