Flatland Freestyle Makes A Comeback

Flatland freestylers are bringing the lost (but not forgotten) skateboarding style back in a BIG way. The 2010 World Freestyle Skateboarding Championships took place in Philly on Sept. 18-19, and the world’s top freestylers were all on hand to take part in the action.

Tons of the best riders showed off their skills, but the darkhorse in this year’s competition was American pro flatlander, Joe Flemke. Check out the smooth moves he put on to claim the 4th place overall prize.

Camera 1:


Camera 2:


Here’s who finished in the top ten among the pros:

  1. Günter Mokulys (Germany)
  2. Sean Burke (USA)
  3. Killian Martin (Spain)
  4. Joe Flemke (USA)
  5. Darryl Grogan (USA)
  6. Per Canguru (Brazil)
  7. Shigekazu “Moichi” Suzuki (Japan)
  8. Terry Synnott (USA)
  9. Kevin Harris (Canada)
  10. Matt Gokey (USA)

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