Eco-Conscious Element Skateboards

Element skateboards have always been among the most eco-friendly skate companies out there. Now a few of Element’s newest skateboard decks set a tone we’re not entirely used to seeing from action sports companies.

The Global Warming and Oil Spill skate deck collections really force the issues affecting our environment today. The graphics are fantastic, and they manage to send a subtle message about the state of our planet.

Personally, I love that Element is promoting a cleaner, greener planet with these new decks. Hopefully, we’ll see a lot more skateboard companies follow their lead in the future.

Check these new decks out now:

Element Global Warming Skateboard Decks:

204466t Eco Conscious Element Skateboards 204471t Eco Conscious Element Skateboards 204449t Eco Conscious Element Skateboards 204455t Eco Conscious Element Skateboards
Element Stanton
Global Warming
8.25 Featherlight
Element Tim Tim
Global Warming
8.0 Featherlight
Element Appleyard
Global Warming
7.87 Featherlight
Element Brown
Global Warming
7.75 Featherlight

Element Oil Spill Skateboard Decks:

204432t Eco Conscious Element Skateboards 204433t Eco Conscious Element Skateboards
Element Oil#11
7.75 Thriftwood
Element Oil#16
8.0 Thriftwood


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