Comune Clothing and Blackhole Boards

Comune clothing is a new apparel company that we have just started carrying at Blackhole Boards. Their goal is to provide clothing that reflects the lifestyle of careful idealism and to support the people that choose to live it.

Comune was formed from the idea that there will always be people out there who not only embrace the rawness and imperfections of everyday life but use it to creatively push the boundaries of what’s possible in fashion, art, and music in their own way, with complete disregard of the consequences.

Besides their purpose and function, the clothing looks great and the team is as raw as it gets. With heavy hitters like Gareth Stehr, Braydon Szafranski, Matt Ball, and Jeff Lenoce pushing the limits, the clothing does the same.

The DC Spring 2009 Line is Lookin’ Hot!

The new year is here and so are the latest new styles from the folks at DC. They have some great shoes and gear to kick off spring in style. With Rob Dyrdek’s newest shoe colorway and new TV show, these shoes are gonna fly out of here!

  • The DC Pure is a favorite and a bestseller here at Blackhole Boards and is sure to do well in its new colors.
  • The DC Park is a new model that we are definitely backing because of its great color and basic style.
  • If you are looking for some stylish gear, be sure to get your hands on the DC 360, the DC Hero, and the DC Multi Striped shirts because you can never go wrong with stripes!
  • DC put out some quality denim called the DC Slim Stretch which is fashionable and functionable.

These items are just a few from DC’s amazing Spring 2009 line.

Come to Blackhole for your Deathwish

Deathwish Skateboards is a brand new deck company with some former pro’s from the Baker team. Even though it’s a new brand, they are still affiliated with Baker Skateboards. With some rider changes at Baker, Deathwish got some of the big names that used to be on the Baker Pro roster. The pro lineup includes Eric Ellington, Jim Greco, Antuan Dixon, and Lizard King. With an amazing lineup like this, Deathwish is definitely going to have success. They have also released a new dvd entitled “Baker has a Deathwish” and its understood thats it’s not the new Baker or Deathwish video, but left over footage from both teams. Left over or not, it has some amazing footage from some amazing skateboarders.

Blackhole Boards Welcomes Volcom!

Blackhole Boards is proud to announce that our first order from Volcom has arrived. With such a huge following in the skateboard world, we can now offer it to our loyal customers. With big names like Geoff Rowley and Mark Appleyard on the pro team roster, why wouldn’t you want to support the brand? Our first order includes a variety of apparel and accessories that will definitely turn some heads at the skatepark. If you don’t already own something with a Volcom label on it, now is the time.

Tensor Magnesiums. The Lightest Ever!

The Folks over at Tensor have done it again. They are always finding ways to increase the performance of skateboard trucks. This time they have successfully manufactured the lightest and most responsive trucks on the market. The Tensor Magnesium trucks are 11% lighter than the industry average truck. They are equipped with a 95a top bushing and a 90a bottom bushing. After redesigning the bushing seat, they are the most reponsive a truck has ever been. A lower pivot cup also makes for sharper turning and amazing handling. Be sure to get yourself a set and test them for yourself.

Blackhole Boards Wallride!

Blackhole Boards is pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Seven Springs Resort and have a wallride in their SPOT snowboard park.

The wallride is 8′ tall and 20′ wide and is already a big hit at the park. It is constructed of a 2″ steel frame and 3/8″ lexan atop of 3/4″ plywood.  This lexan riding surface is the best for snowboarding since your edges will never dig into it.

If you live nearby or like to travel, be sure to stop by and check it out. We figured this is the best way to show our support for snowboarding and our local resort. For a picture already sized for your desktop, click photo.

Blackhole Welcomes Vans Footwear!

We are proud to announce that we are now carrying Vans. This classic skate brand was a must have for us to grow our expanding selection. With such a huge following and demand for this brand, it was obvious that we needed to offer it to our supporting customers.

With our first run, we brought in some pro models from your favorite Vans pro’s. We are offering some Anthony Van Englen pro models in the AV Era, and 2 colorways of the AV Sk8 Low. Dustin Dollin definitely has some crazy taste and shows that in 2 of his pro model shoes. The DD-66 is already flying off the shelves, and the No Skool is as punk as it gets. Johnny Layton has his very own colorway of the Demand shoe which has a cool look to it. Tony Trujillo is a ripper who is known to skate fast and we are expecting his TNT II shoe to sell just as fast. Last and definitely not least, is Geoff Rowley. Are there any words to even describe how amazing this guy is? There might not be any words, but his Shambles pro shoe and his Squares pro shoe are just as sick as him.

Emerica Back to School Footwear

School will be here before you know it which can be a bummer after a long summer of skating. Something that will get you psyched to go back is the hot new footwear line from Emerica. They cover all the necessary style you will need to look good on or off your skateboard. Everything from thin vulcanized soles to a classic looking vegan friendly shoe.

With the Reynolds 3 as a favorite of ours, we brought in two new colors that will definitely be hits. A black/ brown and a full brown which will definitely turn some heads. The new AR Slim is a new version of the Reynolds 2. It is slimmed down for more board feel and cuts down on weight. Check out our the full black and the brown/ white colors we carry. Speaking of Reynolds, the Boss has been an excellent seller for us. Packed with style and durability, we now offer a black/ black/ grey and a black/ black/ gum. If any of you remember the original Reynolds shoe, you will remember these colors. Ed Templetons own Transist shoe is lookin good. It has a classic look and is 100% vegan friendly. We knew it was a must to get these in so we can cater to every type of skateboarder out there. The KSL DOS is the slimmer version of Spanky’s KSL shoe. We knew the black/ white/ grey colorway would definitely look great with the others. Last but not least is a new color of the Francis. This midtop has the best board feel out there and just looks amazing. The grey colorway is a must for anyone who wants a good looking skate shoe.