Plan B Prolite Factory Series

Check out the latest from Plan B now – the Prolite Factory series. Prolites are considered the lightest, thinnest and strongest all-wood construction skateboards on the market today. Plan B’s Prolite skateboard decks use 3 ultra-thin core plys which are held together by a super stiff military spec glue.

Don’t be confused. Plan B’s Prolites still have seven plys in all, but the center three plys are thinner and reinforced by some hella strong crazy glue. Using the ultra-thin plys obviously creates a much lighter board, but this type of construction also gives you more control over the board (thinner = more flexible) and results in a longer lasting pop.

The Prolites also have a more mellow concave and kicks than most other decks out there. So while it’s super-light, you won’t have to be nearly as careful about your board rocketing on you.

Check ’em out now and see for yourself:

Plan B Sheckler Prolite Factory Skateboard Deck Plan B Way Prolite Factory Skateboard Deck Plan B Duffy Factory Skateboard Deck Plan B Ladd Factory Skateboard Deck
Sheckler Prolite
Factory Deck
Way Prolite
Factory Deck
Duffy Prolite
Factory Deck
Ladd Prolite
Factory Deck
Plan B McKay Prolite Factory Skateboard Deck Plan B Pudwill Prolite Factory Skateboard Deck Plan B Rodriguez Factory Skateboard Deck
McKay Prolite
Factory Deck
Pudwill Prolite
Factory Deck
Rodriguez Prolite
Factory Deck

We’ve Got A [Fluorescent] Tip For You

Like top quality skateboard decks? Like ultra-bright colors? If you said ‘yes’ to both, then you’ll be stoked on the hottest new decks from Almost in-stock right now at Check out the Fluorescent Tip series here.

The Fluorescent Tips are part of Almost’s Impact line. Impact decks incorporate two discs of carbon fiber material into the bottom ply of the deck. These discs help to absorb landing impact as they disperse energy away from the traditional breaking areas of the deck. Almost Impact decks typically last about two times longer than their standard counterparts. Bottom line: you know that you’ll be getting a great deck here.

Plus, you’ll be sure to get your sickest moves noticed right quick in the skateparks and on the streets with these fluorescent colors. The Fluorescent Tip series comes in hot green, orange, and pink colors that are sure to suit your taste. Check ’em out right now and see what the hype’s all about.

Almost Fluorescent Tip Skateboard Decks – Impact:

Almost Daewon Fluorescent Tip Skateboard Deck - 7.75 Impact Almost Mullen Fluorescent Tip Skateboard Deck - 8.0 Impact Almost Haslam Fluorescent Tip Skateboard Deck - 8.5 Impact
Almost Daewon Fluorescent Tip Skateboard Deck – 7.75 Impact Almost Mullen Fluorescent Tip Skateboard Deck – 8.0 Impact Almost Haslam Fluorescent Tip Skateboard Deck – 8.5 Impact

Out Of This World Decks

Element skateboard decks are some of the most popular among skateboarders and for good reason. The people at Element are constantly making efforts to improve decks, and their line of helium decks are certainly no exception. Equipped with five patented air frame chambers, they are easily Element’s lightest full size deck. And, they are still stiff and responsive giving the rider more control.

The Astronomy series is one of the latest in Element’s helium lineup. You get the same quality Element helium deck and an out of this world, gnarly design. The Astronomy series comes in three widths – 7.75, 8.12, and 8.25 – and features the names of team riders Chad Tim Tim, Darrel Stanton, and Levi Brown.

Don’t be space cadet! Check ’em out now.

Element Astronomy Logo Skateboard Deck - 7.75 Helium Element Tim Tim Astronomy Skateboard Deck - 7.75 Helium Element Brown Astronomy Skateboard Deck - 8.12 Helium Element Stanton Astronomy Skateboard Deck - 8.25 Helium
Astronomy Logo – 7.75 Helium Tim Tim – 7.75 Helium Brown – 8.12 Helium Stanton – 8.25 Helium

This Round’s On Girl

Girl’s latest round of skateboard decks are sure to make you feel good after a long, hard day of work. The On Tap series is inspired by some of the top domestic and imported adult beverage brands. These decks spoof the iconic Girl brand logo by giving her a tap handle for a head (almost makes me wish that my girl came equipped with the same feature).

Click the images or links below to get specs for each of the featured Girl decks. Grab one today and cool off with a tall, frosty glass of some serious thrashing.
On Tap
On Tap
On Tap


On Tap
On Tap
On Tap

Got Any Last Words?

Check out the new Last Words series of skateboard decks from Real. They feature off-the-wall ‘last words’ by the pros from the Real skate team – Peter Ramondetta, Justin Brock, Dennis Busenitz, and Nick Dompierre. Combine that with a totally sick graphic and the monster pop and quality of a Real deck, and you got yourself one hell of a ride.

Check out Real Last Words skateboard decks now:
Real Brock Last Words Skateboard Deck Real Dompierre Last Words Skateboard Deck Real Busenitz Last Words Skateboard Deck Real Ramondetta Last Words Skateboard Deck

Signature Decks from Pro Skaters

Looking for a signature deck from your favorite vert or street skater? Look no further. Here’s a solid collection of the hottest signature skateboard decks from the best skaters in the world. You know these decks are good cuz they have their names on ’em!

Click the skater’s name to see complete collections from each rider.

Mark Appleyard Decks

Bam Margera Decks

Zered Bassett Decks

Ali Boulala Decks

Diego Bucchieri Decks

Bob Burnquist Decks

Daewon Song Decks

Stevie Williams Decks

Erik Ellington Decks

Kerry Getz Decks

Rune Glifberg Decks

Josh Kalis Decks

Forrest Kirby Decks

Eric Koston Decks

PJ Ladd Decks

Rick McCrank Decks

Colin McKay Decks

Rodney Mullen Decks

Chad Muska Decks

Cale Nuske Decks

Tom Penny Decks

Andrew Reynolds Decks

Paul Rodriguez Decks

Geoff Rowley Decks

Arto Saari Decks

Ryan Sheckler Decks

Elissa Steamer Decks

Kristian Svitak Decks

Ed Templeton Decks

Jamie Thomas Decks

Mike Vallely Decks

Danny Way Decks

Put One Foot In Front Of The Other

Here’s another wild cruiser from the boys at Santa Cruz – the Screaming Foot deck.

These fun & functional decks are 9.3 inches in width by 31.1 inches long and feature a 100% solid North American maple deck with a gentle concave. If you ride goofy foot it’s no problem, the deck comes in both right and left foot models (jk…you can ride either).

The Screaming Foot artwork is a reinvention of the classic Santa Cruz Screaming Hand design created by Jim Phillips. The logo was first used during the ’80s a few years after the team was founded.

Bizarre Ride

Check out the new lineup of decks from Almost. The Almost Bizarre Ride skateboard decks feature a gnarly mash-up of artwork and the namesake of some of today’s hottest boarders, including Lewis Marnell, Chris Haslam, and Daewon Song.

Most importantly these decks feature the same Almost Impact Technology that you know and love. They come equipped with reinforcing carbon fiber discs to ensure your board stays in one piece, extending the life of your deck and giving it pop for many rides to come. But the carbon fiber is still flexible enough to give your deck the same natural feel that a typical 7-ply deck offers.

Any way you look at it, these are some prime-time boards. Check ’em out now:

Daewon Bizarre Ride 7.5 Haslam Bizarre Ride 7.9 Marnell Bizarre Ride 8.25

All Good in A Hood

Now that it’s officially autumn, it’s sad to say but it might be time to start pulling out those warmer clothes from hibernation.

Need some new gear to go along with the new season? Check out our latest selection of Hoodies that have just been added to our site. Fresh styles & prints from Billabong, DC, Element, Never Summer, & more– we’ve got your cool weather duds covered.Remember FREE UPS Ground shipping on orders over $90!