SKATEBOARD BUYING GUIDE: Best Construction Types

As a follow-up to our previous post – Which Skate Deck Is Right For Me? – we thought we’d dive deeper into the topic of skateboard construction types.

Skateboard construction can really make all the difference when you’re out on the pavement. Beginners shouldn’t really worry too much about particular skateboard constructions since you’re just starting out, but the experienced and/or technical skater should definitely consider his or her options before buying a new skate deck.

By spending the few extra greenbacks on a high-end skateboard deck you can make some real improvements to your skating style and technique, many of which you’ll notice during your first session. You can shave a few ounces off your skateboard’s total weight allowing you to get those ollies a few more inches off the ground, or you can add strength to your deck giving you the confidence to pull off those insane, high risk tricks that would otherwise result in you splintering your board.

Get started by checking out our list of the top skateboard constructions. These are some of lightest and strongest skateboards available today:

Lightest Skateboard Construction Types: Strongest Skateboard Construction Types:
Element Helium Almost Double Impact
Element Featherlight Blind Eternal Life
Element Push Foundation Fiberprime
Plan B P2 Darkstar Armor Ply
Zero P2 Baker Heli-pop

This list should help as you start shopping high-end decks. Our own pros know and love these decks, and they would recommend them to any skater. Through trial and error you might find another deck that better suits your style, but this is a great starting point.

You can check out our complete stock of premium skateboard constructions here.


*Stay tuned for future posts on buying tips for skateboard trucks.